Urban Deer Management

The 2017 Season has closed, Two (2) deer were harvested in the City of Martinsburg.

Information about the 2018 season will be updated in the early autumn.

Some quick facts about the ordinance:

  • Hunting will be for deer only.
  • Hunting will be by bow and arrow or crossbow only. All shots must be taken from a tree stand at least ten (10) feet from the ground and facing the interior of the property. Stands should be located in such a way to direct all arrow and bolts into the interior of the property.
  • All hunters shall be permitted by the City of Martinsburg Police Department and may hunt only on lands designated as urban hunting tracts, by the City of Martinsburg Police Department.
  • NO hunting shall take place within 150 feet of any structure or 500 feet from the property boundary of a parcel containing a school building, during periods when students are in attendance or participating in school activities.
  • Up to three property owners are able to combine properties to meet the five (5) acre contiguous acre requirement; however, one person must be designated as the signatory and City contact and once a property has been designated, it will remain so for the entire season.
  • Deer carcasses must be removed in their entirety, no offal or internal organs may be left on site.
  • Hunters may harvest seven deer (2 of which may be antlered) in an urban deer hunting season. While these deer must be reported as an urban deer harvest, they do not count toward the allowable limit set by WVDNR.

Ordinance 2017-13: Urban Deer Management