Downtown Martinsburg
Sidewalk Replacement Guidelines

Replacement Guidelines

1) Concrete to be used must be able to yield a minimum strength of 3500 PSI from a concrete a concrete supplier or may be hand mixed if area to be replaced is less than one (1) cubic yard of concrete.

2) A four (4) inch compacted stone base is required under all new concrete sidewalk.

3) The placement of wire mesh is highly recommended but is not mandatory, as it will extend life of sidewalk.

4) Depth of concrete is to match existing sidewalk.

5) Sidewalks at all corner lots are to be handicap accessible.

6) Contraction joints should be made every four (4) feet to avoid the sidewalk cracking. Expansion joints are to be located as necessary to accommodate thermal expansion of concrete.

7) All concrete must have a light broom finish.

8) No patching is allowed on concrete sidewalks unless first approved by the code enforcement official.

Inspections Required

1) An inspection is required after old sidewalk has been removed ad new sidewalk has been formed up and stone base placed.

2) A final inspection is required after concrete has been poured and finished.