Downtown Martinsburg
City of Martinsburg Comprehensive Plan

In 2006, the City of Martinsburg contracted GAI Consultants to provide it with a comprehensive plan. Martinsburg's vision over the next 20 years is to accommodate and guide growth in an orderly way to create a stronger, healthier city.

The City Council and City Planners have already established the Vision for 2025, by investing in key studies incorporated herein that will carry the City through the score of years following adoption of this plan. By providing a framework to guide wise land use decisions, subdivision approvals, zoning revisions, needed public facilities, and to direct the best use of public funds, the city will be proactive in these areas.

In 2007, the City of Martinsburg, WV Comprehensive Plan was complete and ready for distribution. Click on the link to view the City of Martinsburg Comprehensive Plan in its entirety.