Downtown Martinsburg
Rental Inspections

The Housing Code of the City of Martinsburg requires all rental property within the city limits of Martinsburg to be registered with the Martinsburg Planning Department.  The intent of this code is to provide minimum health and safety standards for rental housing in the City of Martinsburg.

Rental dwelling units are inspected for compliance with the 2003 International Property Maintenance Code.  Units that meet code requirements receive a letter of compliance that is good for three years.  Units that do not meet code requirements must make corrections to any violations found.

The Housing Inspector coordinates inspection activities with the property owner or their representative.  Violations found during an inspection will cause a notice of violation to be issued that requires the violations to be corrected within a stipulated time in order to avoid a summons to appear in municipal court for possible fines.  Rental dwelling units that represent a threat to public health and safety are subject to condemnation.

Occupants as well as property owners may report a complaint of any code violation.

Prospective occupants may check to find out if a rental unit is registered by calling the City of Martinsburg Planning Department at (304) 264-2131.