Downtown Martinsburg
Fire Fees

The public health, safety, welfare, and well-being of the citizens of Martinsburg demands the continuance, maintenance, and improvement of the essential service of fire protection within the City. Because public revenues of the City are not sufficient to provide adequate fire protection, it is necessary that an annual fire be collected from each owner and business establishment which are users of fire protection service within the City of Martinsburg.

The City's fire protection fee rates are as follows:


Single family residence, per unit, and multiple family dwelling or apartment, per residential unit or apartment, whether or not occupied, the fee is ninety dollars ($90.00) per year.


Business establishment owners shall be based on total utilizing square footage, excepting basement areas, using exterior measurements. The City Building Inspector shall determine square footage measurements utilizing existing maps, site and building plans, and/or field surveys. The fee for business establishments is $0.075 per square foot, per year. The minimum fee for a business is set at ninety dollars ($90.00) per year.

Residential & Business

If the building or buildings are used for both residential and business use purposes, the higher of the two classifications (residential or business) will be utilized.


Any owner or user paying his or her fire protection fee in full within twenty days of the date the fire protection bill is issued, such payment to include any prior years's fees and arrears, shall be entitled to an eighteen percent (18%) discount of the current fiscal year fire protection fee.

Overdue Interest

Any owner or user not paying his or her fire protection fee in full by the last day of the City's fiscal year (June 30th), shall be assessed an overdue interest charge of ten percent (10%) of the unpaid balance. This overdue interest charge shall be assessed and compounded each an every year in which the balance remains unpaid in whole or in part.

Listed below is a link to open a printable City fire protection service customer contract form.

Fire/Garbage Customer Contract Form

If you have any questions concerning the City's fire protection service fee, please feel free to contact the City's Fire/Garbage Collector at (304) 264-2131 extension 269.