Downtown Martinsburg
Take Pride In Your Community - Spring Cleanup

The City of Martinsburg provides for a yearly spring clean-up, generally occurring in May, for City of Martinsburg residents only at the recycling center located on East Stephen Street.

The City of
Martinsburg accepts unwanted items or debris, up to four tires per person, refrigerators and air conditioners (without freon) and all other appliances.  Free pick-up of unwanted items or debris for elderly and handicapped individuals is available.

The City also encourages residents and businesses to participate by cleaning up debris, weeds, curb lines, alleyways, etc. in their neighborhoods.

he following items are not accepted:  Computers, contractor debris, fencing, wire, concrete, motor oil, shingles, asbestos, antifreeze or paint.

The City provides notice, each spring, of the date of the event.