Downtown Martinsburg
City Projects

The following is a list of current projects within the City of Martinsburg. This list may not be inclusive of all projects within the City. For additional information, please contact the City of Martinsburg at (304) 264-2131, Ext. 277.

Raleigh Street Extension Project

The Raleigh Street Extension Project is a West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways project, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration. The project proposes to extend N. Raleigh Street from W. Race Street in the City of Martinsburg approximately 1.2 miles North to the intersection of WV 9 & US 11 at Edwin Miller Boulevard. 
The transportation needs of the project is to improve transportation service and public safety (Police, Fire/EMS) to downtown sections of Martinsburg, to help relieve existing and future traffic congestion in the City center, and to provide a second connection to the downtown from the north and northeast. The project will also allow for economic development opportunities along the new corridor.
Project cost is estimated at $37.7M. Phase 1 construction of the project is scheduled to begin October of 2009. Phase 1 construction will be from the intersection of WV 9 & US 11 at Edwin Boulevard to Tavern Road. Phase 1 is projected to be completed in October of 2011.
Raleigh Street Extension Proposed Route

City of Martinsburg Development District No. 1 - North Martinsburg Access Project (TIF District)

The TIF District was established by the City and approved by the WV Development Office for the primary purpose of enabling access to and in North Martinsburg. The TIF District and Project is proposed to complement the Raleigh Street Extension Project. 
As an integral part of the project, the City proposes improvement, expansion or extension of Lutz Avenue, Meridian Parkway, Courthouse Drive and Forbes Drive. Proposed development in the project area is expected to include Class A office space, office buildings, commercial space and residential property.
Gateway & Wayfinding Sign System Project

The City of Martinsburg has finalized design to construct and install gateway and wayfinding signs throughout the City of Martinsburg. Project is estimated to commence in the summer/fall of 2009.

Gateway & Wayfinding Proposed Signs
City Hall & Police Headquarters/Judicial Complex

The City of Martinsburg is in the design phase to consider future construction of a new City Hall & Police Headquarters/Judicial Complex. Design is estimated to be complete in December 2009.
West Side Police & Fire/EMS Multipurpose Building

The City of Martinsburg is in the design phase to consider future construction of the West Side (West of I-81) Police & Fire/EMS multipurpose building. Design is estimated to be complete in December 2009.
Street Repaving and ADA Curbing

The City of Martinsburg provides a yearly street repaving and ADA curbing project. Project will be complete in the fall of 2009 or spring of 2010.
CDBG Center City Stormwater Project

This CDBG and City funded project will address stormwater problems in the Center City area of Martinsburg. Project will entail engineering design and inspection, installation of a package pump station and construction of additional stormwater piping. Project is estimated to commence late 2009 or early 2010. 
John Street Lighting & Sidewalk Grant

The City of Martinsburg received a WVDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant to construct a sidewalk and install decorative lighting from E. John and S.Water Street to the historic Adam Stephen property. Project funding is in the amount of $187,000 (Grant - $149,600; City match - $37,400) and is projected to be completed in the summer of 2009.
Town Square Pedestrian Plaza Grant

The City of Martinsburg received a WVDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant for Town Square improvements. The project is estimated to commence summer / fall of 2009. Project funding is in the amount of $375,000 (Grant - $300,000; City match - $75,000). Additional grant funding application was submitted in January 2009 for this project.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan

The City of Martinsburg will commence the wastewater treatment plant facility plan in the summer of 2009.
Proposed Expansion of the Historic District

The City of Martinsburg Historic Preservation Review Commission (HPRC) recently submitted (June 2009) final document for the proposed expansion of the Historic District. Once approved by City Council, final plan will be referred to the Martinsburg Planning Commission.

Preserve America Community

The City of Martinsburg was designated as a “Preserve America Community” in 2008. This allows the City to apply for historic, cultural and heritage grants.