Downtown Martinsburg
Permit Parking


Permits for parking meters are issued to persons residing where metered on-street parking is in effect at the rate of six dollars ($6.00) per month. Parking meter permits issued to all other persons is at the rate of twenty dollars ($20.00) per month. Permit parking is for use on green top meters only.

Permit parking meters are available at the following locations:

  • 200 South Queen Street
  • 300 South Queen Street
  • 100 West John Street
  • 200 West John Street
  • 200 East Martin Street
  • 200 West Race Street
  • 200 West Burke Street
  • 100 North College Street
  • 200 North College Street
  • 200 South College Street
  • 300 South College Street
  • 400 West King Street (North Side Only)
  • 200 East King Street
  • East Martin Street Parking Lot
  • West Burke Street Parking Lot
  • East Burke Street Parking Lot


To purchase a parking permit, visit the cashiers at City Hall, 232 N. Queen Street, Martinsburg, WV or submit this form by mail to the above address.