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April 2021 BZA Agenda

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The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) was created by the City of Martinsburg City Council to have the power to review applications for Special Exceptions and requests for Variances from the City of Martinsburg Zoning Ordinances.

The BZA has the authority to decide such questions as are involved in determining whether Special Exceptions should be granted, and to grant Special Exceptions with such conditions and safeguards as are appropriate, or to deny Special Exceptions when not in harmony with the purpose and intent. General and specific conditions for granting Special Exceptions are outlined in Articles VI and VII of Zoning Ordinance.

The BZA has the power to authorize upon appeal in specific cases such Variances from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance as will not be contrary to the public interest where, owing to special condition, a literal enforcement of the provisions of this Ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship.

In exercising the above mentioned powers, the BZA may, so long as such action is in conformity, modify the order, requirement, decision or determination as ought to be made, and to that end shall have powers of the Building Inspector from whom the appeal is taken.

The BZA consists of five members who are freeholders and residents of the city, with three-fifths of the members having been residents of the city for at least ten years proceeding the time of their appointment. The board members give of their time freely and serve without compensation.

BZA Applications are to be submitted to the City Planner's office no later than the specified deadline date posted for each month's meeting.

For more information on the BZA see Article IX of the Martinsburg Zoning Ordinance.

Applications may be filled out online and printed or emailed to

Payment and original signature are required prior to meeting.

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