City Planning

The mission of the City of Martinsburg Planning Department is to ensure the orderly use and reuse of land and to assist in maintaining and enhancing the economic and aesthetic viability and physical function of the city. This process is supported by plan review, special planning studies via support from the Planning Commission and other planning-related boards and commissions, development review, zoning enforcement, permit issuance and building inspections. The Planning Department is responsible for establishing a vision for the future of the city by adhering to the City of Martinsburg Comprehensive Plan and implementing that vision by promoting sound planning practices and coordinating planning activities. The department also oversees adherence to the City of Martinsburg Zoning Ordinance.

City of Martinsburg Zoning Ordinance

City of Martinsburg Comprehensive Plan (2007)

Planning Commission

Board of Zoning Appeals

Historic Preservation Review Commission

Stormwater Management

Floodplain Management

Building Permits

Telecommunications Ordinance